Guest Pre-Arrival Self Declaration Form

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Guest Pre-Arrival Self Declaration Form

Agrapana Beach Villa

We are taking every step we can to ensure that we continue to offer the most memorable experience to our guests whilst ensuring compliance with the Government guidelines. It is a joint responsibility between our guests and the hotel team and we, therefore, ask for your help in ensuring Agrapana Beach Villa remains COVID-19 free.

We require the below personal data for the purpose of maintaining the safety of our guests, staff, and locality. The information on this form is strictly confidential and it will be held securely following GDPR guidelines.

    We respectfully ask all guests to follow Public Health guidelines during their stay at Agrapana Beach Villa, including wearing a face covering when transiting around the public areas of the property and upon entering/leaving dining rooms. Please see the Government website for public guidance and the most up-to-date information on the health measures in place.

    We recommend our guests download the COVID-19 Tracker App.

    I confirm that I have responded truthfully to the above questions based on my current condition and will advise Agrapana Beach Villa if my situation changes.

    Health & Safety Compliance